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Sell us your app


King Filo Holdings is the place for Android developers looking to sell their app business.

Over the years we have acquired dozens of android apps in many categories.

Specializing in the utility app segment, we have helped developers looking to sell or flip their apps.


We are looking for both a significant user base and valuable data, as we build up a strong and varied app android app portfolio.

King Filo Holdings is actively looking to acquire additional Android mobile apps. We are interested in apps that have at least 500,000 installs.

The app does not have to be profitable or make any revenue, we still may be interested.

Our attitude is to buy apps in which we can improve monetization, and that is why we can pay more than other companies.


We calculate value of apps by combining 2 methods:


1) Multiple of profit: The minimum we can pay is 2 years, but depending on the data we can sometimes pay a multiple of 5 


2) Number of installs: the minimum we can pay is usually the last 30 days installs x $0.1.
So if you had 1M installs in the last 30 days, the MINIMUM we can pay is: 1,000,000*0.1= $100,000
But depending on the data, we can pay over $1M for the same app.

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